“Your Performance Starts and Ends in your Mind”

The WIN WIN WIN© Program

Masterclass for Skaters, Coaches and Parents

Elite Coach


Teaches True Emotional Power

Elite Coach Susan Allan teaches you how to control your mind by focusing your thoughts and gives you the tools to learn the most successful route to excellence in any activity, including skating.


“Your Performance Starts and Ends in your Mind”

The WIN WIN WIN© Program

Masterclass for Skaters, Coaches and Parents

Elite Coach


Teaches True Emotional Power

Elite Coach Susan Allan teaches you how to control your mind by focusing your thoughts and gives you the tools to learn the most successful route to excellence in any activity, including skating.

Susan Allan is a world-renowned Communication and Motivation Coach offering unique tools, skills, trainings, and advice to create and transform your results as a skater, a skating coach, or as the parent of a skater.

Elite Coach: Susan Allan
Heartspace® Solutions Founder

Host: Samantha Giraud 
 Former  Ice Skater & Former Ice Skating Coach
Founder XAMAS Figure Skating Activewear
Founder Couture Brand SAMANTHA GIRAUD
Founder Academy of XAMAS Unique Dream Fighters
Founder XAMAS ICE Model

Hong Kong-born Samantha Giraud is an emerging haute couture, ready-to-wear, and sportswear designer, trained at the renowned “Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” in Paris. Founder of XAMAS Global and StrongWomen.Live and a former Figure Skating Coach.

“How we think, listen, speak and act affects every practice and every performance” - Susan Allan

The 1st step to your own BIG RESULTS as a Skater, a Skating Coach, or a Skating Parent, begins with learning to control your mind by focusing your thoughts. For true Emotional Power, you want to learn the most successful route to excellence in any activity, including skating.

Browse Lesson Plan (6-week Program)

 Week 1: Self-soothing Self-Talk to Build your Personal Best Performance on and off the Ice

This is one of the most important steps on everything you are going to learn, self soothing, including Brain-breathing©. 

 Week 2: Self-empathy to Manage your Moods for Consistent Performances

You will learn self empathy which is the second tool to calm ourself down before we speak. This is the beginning of communication skills because it allows you to understand what you feel and why you feel that way.

 Week 3: Goal-reaching© to Motivate Yourself to Shine on the Ice

You will learn the skill of self-expression and how to motivate and inspire others.

 Week 4: Learn The 7 Plateaus of Peace© for more Joy in each Performance

Next-level training for the skater, coach and parents. Discover how to problem-solve in a peaceful, inspiring way, and create the results that will allow everyone to enjoy life more.

 Week 5: Learn to motivate yourself and others for peak performances

As a certified mediator, Susan will teach you game-changing negotiation skills to motivate and inspire the skater, coach and even the parents.

 Week 6: Learn how to be Present and in the Zone

Develop a fabulous career for thrilled, healthy skaters and satisfied coaches and parents with Susan's Heartspace™ system of communication.

 Week 7: Bonus Training to Achieve Top Performance

Discover Remarkable Energy, Pain Elimination and Health Support.

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  • TIP 3: Intention and Goal-reaching - Huge Result
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Message from Samantha Giraud

XAMAS Founder & Former Skating Coach

The Importance of Mental Health in Figure Skating: A Tripartite Involvement of Skaters, Coaches, and Parents

Figure skating, a sport that combines the grace of dance and the rigor of athletics, demands not only physical excellence but also mental strength from its practitioners. An often-underappreciated aspect of this beautiful but challenging sport is the mental health of figure skaters. It is a critical factor that determines both performance on the ice and overall well-being off the ice. 

We aim to highlight the importance of mental health in figure skating and the roles that coaches and parents play in fostering it. The insights provided here are essential for those participating in the WIN WIN WIN© Program, 6-week Masterclass for Skaters, Coaches and Parents with Susan Allan.

 The Critical Role of Mental Health in Figure Skating

The mind and body work in unison in figure skating. A skater's mental health directly influences their performance, training, and ability to handle the immense pressure associated with the sport. Mental health issues can undermine self-esteem, motivation, focus, and physical readiness, thereby affecting the skater's performance. For instance, anxiety can lead to freezing or choking under pressure, depression can sap energy and motivation, and eating disorders can lead to injuries and decreased stamina.

Beyond performance, mental health issues can also have profound impacts on a skater's personal life, relationships, and overall well-being. Therefore, ensuring that figure skaters have the right mental health support in place is crucial for their success and personal happiness.

 The Role of Coaches in Mental Health

Coaches play a critical role in the mental health of figure skaters. They are not just trainers but mentors who guide skaters through their journey, both inside and outside the rink. Coaches must be aware of the potential stressors their skaters face, such as the pressures of competition, the fear of injury, and the challenges of balancing training with other aspects of life.

They need to foster a positive training environment that promotes mental well-being, resilience, and a healthy relationship with the sport. Encouraging open dialogue about mental health, providing emotional support, and connecting skaters with professional mental health services when needed, are among the strategies that coaches can employ.

 The Influence of Parents on Skaters' Mental Health

Parents also play a pivotal role in a skater's mental health. They provide emotional, financial, and logistical support, shaping the skater's experience of the sport. Parents can help foster a healthy mindset towards figure skating by emphasizing the value of effort over results, promoting balance in life, and offering unconditional emotional support regardless of performance.

However, parents must also be mindful of the pressures they might unintentionally exert. Overemphasis on success, unrealistically high expectations, or neglecting to acknowledge the mental strains of the sport can adversely impact a skater's mental health.

 A Holistic Approach to Mental Health in Figure Skating

Fostering mental health in figure skating is a team effort that involves skaters, coaches, and parents. It requires open dialogue, emotional support, professional help when needed, and a culture that values mental health as much as physical prowess. The upcoming Mental Wellness Training Program with Susan Allan is a step in the right direction to ensure that mental health becomes a priority in the figure skating world. With the right support, figure skaters can enjoy the sport they love while maintaining their mental well-being, which is vital for their overall success and happiness.

Samantha Giraud


IF YOU ARE A Committed Ice Skater,  Skilled Skating Coach, Skater’s Parent
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The WIN WIN WIN© Program
Masterclass for Skaters, Coaches and Parents

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Why EVERY Coach Should Enroll

  • Empower Your Students: Learn techniques to imbue your students with confidence and mental clarity.
  • Refine Your Training: Integrate emotional intelligence into your coaching methodologies.
  • Achieve Unprecedented Success: Produce not just skaters, but well-rounded athletes with unmatched resilience.

Why EVERY Skating Parent Must Be a Part of This

  • Support Your Champion: Gain insights into the emotional journey your child undergoes, fostering deeper connections.
  • Navigate the Ups & Downs: Equip yourself with tools to manage the roller-coaster ride of competitions, training, and growth.
  • Cultivate Lasting Bonds: Understand and empathize with your skater, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and cherished.

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The WIN WIN WIN© Program

Masterclass for Skaters, Coaches and Parents

See what our students are saying

“As a former skater and ballroom dancer, I understand the injuries and the health issues that can get in the way. I broke my right elbow three times and eventually the pain in that joint sidelined my skating and my dancing. Then thanks to Susan Allan's counsel, her recommendations. I've experienced a reduction in pain, a renewed sense of overall wellbeing and energy, and while I no longer compete, I can get out there and enjoy my passions.

I want to add that beyond this one issue, Susan Allan is simply an amazing life coach. Every competitor knows there is a substantial mental component to showing up at your personal best. And Susan has helped me realize that my personal best is even more fabulous than I had imagined. And really to be able to show up in your life at your most confident and your strongest self when it really matters.

Is there anything more that we can ask of ourselves or of our coach? So I can't express how thrilled I am that the tools and the skills Susan teaches have helped me to expand my life in every area. I now have three careers as an actress and model, a successful luxury realtor and an interior designer, and I truly believe that with Susan's coaching her at your back.

The sky is the limit."

Janine Mills
Actress, Model, Luxury Realtor And Interior Designer.
Former Competitive Figure Skater And Ballroom Dancer

“Let me share this personal story with you as a parent. We believe judging our own kids is a must because we are the only ones  to tell them what is right to do, what is wrong to do. 'You should have been like this. You should be doing this and you should not do that.

My parents taught me that way. And I taught my kids that way naturally. Even though I did not like the way my mother talked to me. I didn't know why. Subconsciously I just followed what they did. I remember when my kids were very little, they learnt figure skating from one of my very good friends, Dior Leung in Hong Kong. I was also a coach and  I came to watch them in the rink. And one time I saw my daughter playing on the ice, giggling, chatting with people. I got very upset and yelled at her in the rink very loudly. I said, 'You are not practicing. What are you doing here? I'm paying for you to practice, not to just have fun!' Honestly, I look back, I judge myself too but it doesn't change the fact that I have already made a history that I cannot change. From that moment. My daughter didn't want to skate anymore and so did my son. Back then, I didn't know how to change that. It's such a waste that they don't skate anymore.


Until not long ago we moved back to France. Everything changed. We don't have a 24/7 helper anymore. And with the pandemic we spent most of the time with the kids at home. Before the pandemic, I travelled up to 50 times a year, so I didn't see them that much. I believed I was doing a good job, but when you see your kids 24/7, using the same toxic way to judge your kids and you believed you were giving the best to your kids. And they became teenagers, they were no longer the little babies who let you judge them. They have feelings and it doesn't work.

I feel very, very thankful and grateful because Susan coached me, helped me coach myself, my husband, my kids, and we look at the whole spectrum differently. Everything starts from peace. Everything starts from compliment. Everything starts with kindness. 

I've read an article not long ago. They said, the person who loves you the most in the world is not your parent. The person who loves you the most is your kid. It's your own kid because they need your love. Because they are the only one who need your love since they born. And that piece of article resonated to everything I have learned from Susan Allan. I consider what Susan Allan's teaching, her coaching is like the universal key. A solution to every problem because we are the cause and the cure. 

Now I'm a happier parent. I'm a happier wife and I'm a happier mother. And I really, really want to share this key with you. And I'm very, very grateful once again that I have a chance to meet Susan Allan and I feel very, very honor to be able to learn from her.

And today we are able to offer this golden opportunity, golden key to you to open the door of ultimate happiness, the path of success to yourself, to your children, to your kid, and to your skater. And we want you to have that."

Samantha Giraud 
XAMAS Founder And Former Figure Skating Coach


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The WIN WIN WIN© Program

Masterclass for Skaters, Coaches and Parents

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US$49 (one time payment) for Susan Allan's WIN WIN WIN© Masterclass + 1 LIVE 30-minute FREE SOS 1-on-1 Coaching Call
US$49 (one time payment) for Susan Allan's WIN WIN WIN© Masterclass + 1 LIVE 30-minute FREE SOS 1-on-1 Coaching Call