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Samantha Giraud

Samantha Giraud

Founder XAMAS Figure Skating Active Wear
Former Figure Skating Coach

Hi everyone. I'm Samantha Giraud. I'm the founder and creative director of XAMAS Figure Skating Active Wear. If you know figure skating, you already know me. I created the brand in 2003 and have worked with many of you, skating coaches and skaters. And I established XAMAS because I've been a coach for a long time and wanted to help my skaters be unique and confident. I saw a lot of conflicts growing up, and I created the XAMAS Ice Model platform, a modeling contest for them to show who they are. I always wanted to help them and support them.

And after that, I realized that just having this activity was not enough because we needed so much more.

We need so much more support from coaches and much more support from the parents. Thus what will be the most effective? What is the most usable, a hundred-percent result-guaranteed training I can offer this skater? I was once a skater, and I would love this skater and young people to be better than us.

Many people talk about being compassionate, but what is compassion? What is the proper amount to be kind compared to being weak? I have lots of questions. What is the right amount for us to be strong enough yet still allow us to expand with our compassion, kindness, strength, artistry, and dreams to become a Unique Dream Fighter?

Our next generation is the Unique Dream Fighter. They are what XAMAS is fighting for. Together with our elite coaches and esteemed speakers, WE STRIVE TO ACHIEVE THIS VISION with The UDF Academy of XAMAS Unique Dream Fighters. Let us join together to catch our dreams!

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